• Resistor Sheet

Resistor Sheet

This is a Resistor sheet which contains following values of Resistors: 1ohm, 1.2ohm, 1.5ohm, 1.8ohm, 2.2ohm, 2.7ohm, 3.3ohm, 3.9ohm, 4.7ohm, 5.6ohm, 6.8ohm, 8.2ohm, 10ohm, 12ohm, 15ohm, 18ohm, 22ohm, 27ohm, 33ohm, 39ohm, 47ohm, 56ohm, 68ohm, 82ohm, 100ohm, 120ohm, 150ohm, 80ohm, 220ohm, 270ohm, 330ohm, 390ohm, 470ohm, 560ohm, 680ohm, 820ohm, / 1Kohm, 1.2Kohm, 1.5Kohm, 2.2Kohm, 2.7Kohm, 3.3Kohm, 3.9Kohm, 4.7Kohm, 5.6Kohm, 6.8Kohm, 8.2Kohm, 10Kohm, 12Kohm, 15Kohm, 18Kohm, 22Kohm, 27Kohm, 33Kohm, 39Kohm, 47Kohm, 56Kohm, 68Kohm, 82Kohm, 100Kohm, 120Kohm, 150Kohm, 180Kohm, 220Kohm, 270Kohm, 330Kohm, 390Kohm, 470Kohm, 560Kohm, 680Kohm, 820Kohm,

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