• White Blue Color 0.96 inch 128X64 OLED

White Blue Color 0.96 inch 128X64 OLED

1, high resolution: 128X64 (and 12864LCD the same resolution, but the OLED screen more pixels per unit area) 2, super wide viewing angle: more than 160 ° (maximum viewing angle display a screen)3, ultra-low power consumption: normal display 0.06W (far below the TFT display) 4, wide supply range: DC 3V-5V (without any changes, directly compatible with common 3.3V and 5V power supply system) 5, industrial grade: Operating temperature range -30 C ~ 70 C 6, the ultra-small size: (length) 27.8MM * (W) 27.3MM * (thickness) 4.3MM 7, support for multiple operating modes: 3-wire SPI, 4 wire SPI, IIC 8, with chip select CS signal, you can achieve multiple SPI or IIC device on the same bus work 9, compatible with 3.3V and 5V control chip I / O level (without any set, directly compatible) 10, OLED screen, internal drive chip: SSD1306 Pin Description: GND: Power ground VCC: 3.3V or 5V power supply D0: CLK Clock D1: MOSI data RST: Reset DC: data / command CS: Chip select signal the client application case: 1, smart watches 2, smart car camera image displayed in real time 3, the battery management apparatus 4, IPC handle 5, MP3 6, feature phones 7, portable medical instrument the module with information: 1, C51 single-chip display routines 2, STM32 display routines 3, display routines 4, Freescale XS128 real track display program 5, Freescale K60 display routines 6, OLED module specification 7, OLED screen Data Sheet

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